DJ - Hue User Manual v1.0.0

1. Before Start
This user manual describes how to use DJ - Hue.
Note: The Edit functions can be used on DJ - Hue and later. Please update DJ - Hue to the latest version if you haven’t already.

  1. Before continuing, make sure your square-shaped bridge and color lights are powered and connected.

  2. How to setup your entertainment area Set up an entertainment area in the Philips Hue App.

  3. Import entertainment area in DJ - Hue app.
    (This manual - 2. Start DJ - Hue)

2. Start DJ Hue
This section explains how to get started with DJ-Hue from the onboard screen.

  1. Onboard screen

    Onboard Import entertainment area
    Import the entertainment area created in the Philips Hue App.

    Not now
    Not import entertainment area for now, play music and look at emulator bulbs playing effect first.

  2. Bridge discovery screen

    Discovery Hue bridge Bridge discovery
    At the beginning of the “imported entertainment area”, Hue bridge will be searched first. After finding the bridge, click [Setup] to read the entertainment area information.

    Push Link

  3. Entertainment areas screen

    Choose entertainment area Select entertainment area
    After reading entertainment area, select the entertainment area to import.

  4. Now playing screen

    Now playing Now playing
    Once the entertainment area is imported, you can start enjoying the fun with Philips Hue!
    1. Auto switch: If enabled, DJ-Hue will analyze the tracks and automatically generate lighting effects, and sync with the audio beat automatically; otherwise play user-defined lighting effects(if defined).

3. Now playing icons

1. Exit now playing

2. Play queue

3. Choose the number of lights to use

4. Edit track light effect

5. Now playing menu

Search / Sleep timer / Add to playlist / Artist / Album / Add to favorites

4. Edit functions
DJ-Hue will analyze a track and generate lighting effects automaticlly, but you also can edit lighting effec manually, just click on the icon Edit and go to edit mode.

The steps of the Lighting editing are as follows:
Choose/Cut Range: Select a range or cut the range into two parts by the current play point.

select or cut a range

1. Choose range to edit

2. Cut range at now playing point

3. Exit

Choose bound to resize/Edit: Select the range to resize / edit the lighting effect of the current range.

Choose bound

1. Choose left bound

2. Choose right bound

3. Edit range light effect

4. Exit

Move selected bound left/right: Move the selected range left/right to adjust the range size.

Move left bound

1. Move range left

2. Move range right

3. Exit

Edit range phrase: Assign phrase to range. You can assign the followings to set the phrase:

  1. Energy
    Switch the range energy mood to High/Mid/Low

  2. Pattern
    Switch the range theme to Cool/Natural/Hot/Subtle/Warm/Vivid/Club1/Club2

  3. Phrase
    Switch the range phrase to Intro/Up/Down/Chorus/Bridge/Verse/Outro

Edit range phrase

A track structure is expressed as a set of the following phrases:

Intro: an opening phrase of a track

Up: a build-up phrase of a track

Down: a breakdown phrase of a track

Chorus: an uplifting phrase of a track

Bridge: an interlude phrase of a track

Verse: a phrase that does not apply to other phrases

Outro: an ending phrase of a track

It is recommended to use it based on the meaning of the phrase name, but this is not necessarily the case. You can use it in any part of the song, just select a phrase, then look at the lighting effects, and finally decide whether to use it or not.

1. Auto: If enabled, DJ-Hue will analyze the tracks and automatically generate lighting effects; otherwise play user-defined lighting effects.

2. Sync audio auto: Whether to sync with the audio beat automatically.

3. Set speed manually: Play light effects at user-defined speeds and not sync with audio beats.

Delete a track setup

Navigation menu - Track setups - Select a track setup - Context menu - Delete