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DJ - Hue

Whether you want to hold a party, celebrate new year or just do something cool, DJ - Hue is the tool for you, DJ - Hue has everything you need to do things cool and take your show on the road.

Why DJ - Hue is outstanding

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Pre-decoding (DJ - Hue)

DJ-hue is the only app doing this way.
This is the best way to synchronize with music beats. It can pre-decode music clips and get music beats information before playing, so it can be synchronized with the music beat just exactly, which is cool and make it outstanding.

Record in real time (other hue music apps)

Most other Philips Hue entertainment applications does this bad way.
It is based on the last played piece of music to decide when to play the next music beat. In most cases, the future is unknown and it is difficult to keep up with the pace of the music beat. Most of the time, it can only play some random lighting effects, not consistent with the rhythm of the music. This is the case if the app does not have a music player of itself.

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